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Landscape Photography Meetup

Landscape Photography Meetup

Saturday 27 July
Terrace Dr, Pelham - 10am - 2 Hours
Annie Nguyen
Landscape photography is possibly one of the most popular genres, so we'll be looking at how you can improve your shots and help your photos stand out from the crowd. We will be focusing on composition, panoramas, equipment tips and settings to use.

All skill levels welcome! The professional photography instructor will be there to provide advice, feedback and tips on how to improve your photos and camera skills.
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Nature Photography Meetup

Nature Photography Meetup

Saturday 03 August
Terrace Dr, Pelham - 10am - 2 Hours
Annie Nguyen
Join this session for tips on how to use your camera settings to creatively capture nature in a visually interesting way. We will be looking at composition, focus, and colour.

Many professional offices and places of business have large prints gracing their wall space of things such as fields of flowers, a butterfly perched on a leaf, and a single dew drop on a rose petal. These beautiful images are all around us in nature. It just takes that special "eye" to not only see it but to capture it in a way that will turn that simple little piece of nature into a beautiful piece of art. We will learn how to use different angles, light and shadows, and settings to make subjects pop.
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Come along to our photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a photo walk class with other local keen photographers!

We run two hour photography sessions based on a photography theme/technique/style and they take place in various locations in Birmingham.

  • New to photography? We also run a popular 3 hour Beginners Guide to Photography Class once a month. And once in a while we will run special niche 3 hour classes, for example, Astrophotography - so do subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next on is!

  • Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to keen amateurs. The photography instructor is there to help you with camera settings and provide any advice you need.

  • What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

    The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

    Join the Birmingham Photography Group on Facebook to share your photos after the session.

    Got a question? Try our FAQ.
    Great class. instructor was very informed. She created a easy going participation friendly class. My email is [email protected] if she wants to contact me
    Janet Hoffman
    Annie Nguyen
    Annie was born & raised in AL. She first developed her love for photography as a kid early on through her father who would often shoot film. She was completely enamored with this art growing up using her cousin's video camera to capture stills, learning Android/IPhone photography, & anything she could get her hands on to practice more including her dad's digital camera in middle school until she got her first (film) camera in high school. She enjoyed learning how to shoot with film as it was completely different from shooting with digital! It was also during this time when her father instilled more basic principles, such as composition & lighting, to help in her learning/practice as she quickly formed her own style having shoots with friends in high school. Even now, her love still continues for this art as capturing special moments is both a lifelong passion & joy of hers! She graduated from U.A.B. with a bachelor's in public health as helping others is another strong pursuit of hers.

    Annie Nguyen is available for private bookings

    Available most Sundays from 8AM until 12PM.
    Private tutoring, weddings, portraits, & events.

    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: Hanging by a Thread
    I always found that simple weeds like dandelions are intricate and interesting, and wanted to capture that feeling of just barely hanging on before being blown away.
    Credit: Aj Herron

    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: Maylene, AL
    This little Leaf Hopper was hanging out on a canna leaf in my back yard and graciously agreed to pose for several images. Taken with a Nikon D300 and Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4 (AF-D NIKKOR) 1/250th @ f/22. The light source is off camera and triggered Nikon SB80 DX.My original title for this image was "1958 BMW Isetta Prototype", but I decided to change that to "Say Hello To My Little Friend" for reasons I cannot explain.
    Credit: Delos Johnson
    Facebook: delosj
    Instagram: chateau_maylene
    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: Logan Martin Dam Park
    This was one of my first outings with a mirrorless camera, when I saw this beautiful pittie with eyes that pierced the soul. I asked the owners permission, and they happily agreed as long as they got a copy of the picture. Here is the end result!
    Credit: Aj Herron
    Facebook: Aj Herron

    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: San Antonio, Tx
    This photo was taken two days before the total solar eclipse this year for which I traveled to Texas with my son-in-law to photograph the "great american eclipse". On a city tour through San Antonio I took this photo of an abandoned side entrance of the "Shops at Rivercenter" mall directly at the famous Riverwalk.Canon 5D Mark 4, Canon 24-70 f2.8@ 70 mm, f 4, ISO 400, 1/1000 sec.
    Credit: Guido Besserer

    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: At a hummingbird feeder in Springville, Alabama
    We have lots of ruby-throated hummingbirds that visit our feeders every year. I love to photograph them.
    Credit: Joe Songer
    Birmingham Photography Group
    Title or Location: St Paul's Square

    Credit: Rhys Kendrick
    Instagram: rhyskendo

    Crawley Photography Group
    Title or Location: Otterbourne
    Watched these guys for hours, slowly but surely one of the cubs got the confidence to climb onto the logs!
    Credit: Chris Athawes
    Instagram: Chris_a_photography
    Huntingdon Photography Group
    Title or Location: Near Loen, Norway
    This photo was taken after cruising into Olden and taking the Loen Skylift, at the top of which are many trails. We took one away from the crowd and came across this little stream which lined up nicely with what I expect is it's destination. Taken on a Sony RX10IV
    Credit: Clive Durston
    Instagram: Redssnapper
    Brisbane Photography Group
    Title or Location: Snapper Rocks Qld
    Some monster waves at the iconic surfing location at Snapper Rocks
    Credit: Emanuel Papamanolis

    Baltimore Photography Group
    Title or Location: My garden, Catonsville, MD
    Every year honey bees come to cornflowers in my garden. Bees go to pickerel flowers. I try to capture bees flying. Nikon D700 Nikkor AF 60mm micro with close up rings. I use a flash.
    Credit: Kanji Takeno
    Instagram: Kanjigatortwo
    Albuquerque Photography Group
    Title or Location: San Juan Islands-Washington State
    Photo was taken in August of 2023 near the San Juan Islands north west of Seattle. We were following a family of Orca who we believe were teaching their young how to hunt. This photo was of an orca in pursuit of a porpoise. I actually have two other photos of the live pursuit with the orca tracking down and catching the porpoise. I would be happy to provide those as well if you?d like.
    Credit: Robinson Atencio
    Chichester Photography Group
    Title or Location: East bank of the River Arun West Sussex
    Out for an evening walk heading up the river Arun, luckily this vessle gave an already colourful photo op a finishing flourish.
    Credit: Steve Smith
    Instagram: PS & H Photography

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